Frequently Asked Questions

What about the office and parking?

We are currently using an office in Warrington. There is free off road parking. The office is purpose built with a separate entrance and is completely private.

After using City Centre offices for several years I found many issues including accessibility, parking and noise. With this is mind we made the decision to move away from the City Centres. We are also 4 minutes walk from a railway station that is on the Manchester Oxford Road to Liverpool Lime Street route.

What is your cancellation policy?

Provided you give at least 48 hours notice then there is no charge and we will rearrange the session.

EMDR, Can I have this as part of my Psychotherapy or is it a stand alone therapy?

EMDR is an integral part of a treatment. It is not a stand alone treatment.

How many sessions will I need?

This is the most common question we are asked. Unfortunately we will never be able to estimate the number of sessions any person will need. This is due to shifts that occur from session to session. These transitional periods cannot be quantified and are unpredictable. It would be unprofessional to assume.

How long is a session?

A single session is a maximum of 90 minutes.

How frequent will the sessions be?

The normal pattern is a session once a week. However this is not a set rule, we can discuss more frequent sessions. We would not recommend having sessions more than a week apart whilst undertaking the treatment.

Will I need to put time aside outside the sessions?

There is no time needed outside session, all the work is done within the session.

Will the sessions be confidential?

Yes, completely confidential. Our professional membership ensure that we work within an ethical framework. We work strictly to a code of ethics therefore ensuring a confidential and professional service.

Is EMDR guaranteed to work?

Unfortunately no therapy can be guaranteed to work however EMDR is one of the most successful treatments used today.


All payments can be made by cash, PayPal or BACS.

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